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‘Dear Evan Hansen’

•ONSALETHIS p.m. Tuesday. and 888-718-4253. 

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$37.50-$69.50; R R Tm, Socety Sp.m. Saturday; MMThe Associated Press 
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 eSullKKNEW YORK — The stage musical “Dear 
 Lo og gi ic, JI.. D..YBNN CAnewelle, ilWlEvan Hansen” is about a lonely young man WWWW
ep.m. Tuesday, tavern; BBbridge Room. 26 at Heiz Hall, 600 Penn Ave., Pitts- desperate to be liked. Mission accom- 
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n Nov. 7 and Cleveland’s Wol- Drifwoo ap eetJJh  Playhouse
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stein Centeron Nov. 12. Tick- Broadway, the show is in the middle of a 50-  Cleveland 
 es for both shows g on sale Pu, utaWf boCeCleveland: TTcity national tour that plays Pittsburgh and HHHH
at 10 a.m. Friday through Live A.....p.m. today; AA
toattttCleveland in the next month. The musical’s oout. Tickets in Cleveland range from $39 
Nation. Sh-BBoom, Mt ec  story also has been transformed into a 390- to $159 and are avilable at 
the and by calling 216-241- 
• The end of the road for Bz May 23, tavern; The 5, 6, 7, 8p.m. Mondy. page novel. a
III Men       Never has a misfit been this popular. 6000.
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 May 24; AAe otlEEEEE“Getting this opportunity to spread the 
here he vocal group willer- the CCol Mnorstory in different mediums and in different sort of they all are part of the ‘Dear Evan
t orm at 7:30 p.m. Tickets KKent: NNHansen’ world, which is great.” 
May 25, tavern. odpm. today;AAways is really, really thrilling,” says Benj 
age from $69 to $99 nd go and 888-718- Pasek, who wrote the music with Justin Pasek and Paul said many of the show’s
nan sale at 10 a.. Friday . JJJJPaul. “It is about just getting the story in complex themes might seem like unlikel
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 A Am myy  Grr an n t that it does make a difference or it starts a credited musicals such as “Next to Nor-
 erty Ave., Pittsburgh: HTuesday; X. 8 p.. Tuesday. 
ton Palac Theatre on Sept. p.m. May 2. or and 888-718- conversation.” mal,” ‘’Fun Home” and “Rent” with paving
e26. Tickets range frm $43.50 412-456-6666. “Dear Evan Hansen” is a heartbreaker the way. 
oto $64.50 andgo n sale at 64253. 
CCNGLLMIMMMMof a musical that centers on an awkward “Those were shows that we looked to a
 o10 a.mteenager raised by a single mom who inad- lot and leaned on a lot in the moment
. master.  HHe10777 Norhfield Road, North- where we were like, ‘What are we writin
Munhall, Pa.: JJoh tt hetfiel: Carot vertently becomes a
• Four shows g onsal at 10  Roy ty     ction, with disastrous consequences. It cap- about? This shouldn’t be a musical.’ So that
o ea.m. Friday throgh LieNation drtoday; Trrrrtures the strains between children and was a om
uv for House of Blues: Av Mx, or their parents, as well as exploring suicide, cMichael Greif, the Tony-nominated
Allly B rookeIn el Lif, Aecall 412-368-5225. MMMMalienation and peer pressure. director of “Next to Normal” and “Rent,”
itt ch h el Jak ke iLLincoln Ave., Millvale, Pa.: NN
ll,e Mll,  MCOIN“Thealso helmed “Dear Evan Hansen” and
D,,ooy aofeel so alone in a world that’s so con- argues that audiences are thirsty for com-
Helleah oSt., Yungstwn: Slayer, Lmb BBaBB
ooaof God, Amon Amarth,CCWWnected?” says playwright Steven Levenson, plex, flawed charactrs. 
$34.50; RRedWanig Blrwho won a Tony for writing the story. “It’s e“They want to be able to see their story
 p.. Augbb oDDand the world they live in being reflected i
mAba asss sa ados, $49.50-$79dday; SSa story that is very much about the world 
. wesurprising and authentic ways. And I think
, $35.28. Wednesday.  heaits heart, it’s also a pretty simple story of that this piece really, really, really doe
FFDFFIIIor call 866-468-3401. 
  Fl lin Lous s  DeYor Performing Arts Center, these parents and children who are strug- that,” he sid” 
Eat 7 p.m. Sept. 3. Tickets MMgling to find one another.” a The pair have ridden — and helped
 o n sale at 10 .m. Friday 260 W. Federal St., 1148 Main Ave., Cleveland: 
Youngstown: PPauloundThe show won six Tony Awards, and shape — the recent wave of interest i
oahrough Ticketmaster. GGthe casmusical theater, fed by shows like “Glee,”
sone,   aand Friday. 216-242-1251 or 
 Two shows g onsale at 10 a0264 and www.youngstownsym- t chart at No. 8 — the highest-charting debut ‘’High School Musical” and “Hamilton.”
o .m. Friday through TicketWeb position for an original cast album since They’re not surprised to find that young
or Mr. Smalls Theatre: TeOOOO1961 — and went on to win the 2018 people taking to the streets these days t
Dst tilles, , Dea hVlly il, Blvd., Cleveland Square, 1501 Euclid Ave., Grammy Award for best musical theater discuss everything from gun violence to
 8 p.m. Aug. 5;Cleveland: AAalbum(One#MeToo have a theater background. 
HeightsHeights: FFatootae
1 .m. Sept. 14. Bone, coloi p.m. May 26. www.Playhous- . the hit No. 1 on the Dance Club Songs chart). “I think theater demands empathy,”
• COMING UP or call 216-241- The show’s creators hope its message of Pasek said. “I think so many of the kids
p.m. Friday; LLuci     Fool6000. 
Cuc$upremmacceptance, honesty and love can resonate who run away to the circus of theater an
THIS WEEK yday; EEyehate,NateSSSfar from its 984-seat Broadway home, who have felt like they aren’t cool o

eApppoach,  or  Drive, Pittsburgh: MMMMwrethey’ve been marginalized or whatever,
R RA  TH ET ANN BALLobaaaa p.m. today; WWha That’s why the various tours with cheaper they find this community of the other bro-
OOM M,     erCCken toys and then there’s this real sense of
Tea, RRaass .Duubbffleexx  I.,,  PPa, tickets and the $11.99 novel come in. 
leveland: KKand B, Maley,DD“It’s a great new way to experience the wanting to stand up for the other under-
Tar r Brr ax xon iDar prin,Methhoodd,, WaWWstory, and it doesn’t replace the other way dogs that exist in the world, the other mis-

aoday; Walk Off the Earth, 7:30 wwBurn      May 24. to experience the story,” said Paul. “It’s fits, the other weirdos.” 
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