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anything thinking that there would be a sequel? 
be guaranteed a sequel after this. But (screenwriters) Rhett (Reese) and Paul (Wernick) and I had 

been working together for coming on eight years now. We worked on the first script together for 
years before it even got close to being greenlit and while shooting the first film, we were already 

coming up with a story for the second one. But at the time, it wasn’t something that was a real- 
ity; it was just something we loved. I think that at the end of the day, the driving force behind 

“Deadpool” is that there are a great number of people who absolutely love every aspect of it. I 
think that’s what translates to the audience. There is an authentic joy and love for what we’re 
doing and we have so much fun doing it and you can’t help but feel that through the screen. 


push the boundaries a little bit and we leave that to the editing process to figure out what we 

want to keep and what we don’t. Tone is so critical in these movies and at the heart of “Dead- 
pool” is always a very emotional story. You have to circle around that before you think about 

comedy bits or trying to incite reactions or that sort of thing. 
So “Deadpool 2” is really, at its core, about how one act of kindness can change the world. It’s 
sort of a nature versus nurture story at its heart and that’s critical to the film as a whole. Then 

you can model which sort of comedic set pieces you want around that. But at the end of the day, 
it’s got to be an engrossing story and that’s the thing that we were most 

focused on from the get-go. 

sincere thing about “Deadpool” was the Wikipedia page. Everything else 

from the logline to the marketing leans into the irreverence of it. 
can be vulgar, yeah, he can act out, but at its core, there is a certain inno- 

cence to other aspects of him and I think that is something that’s really impor- 
tant with the character. He sees the world through the prism of a child’s eyes 

sometimes and that’s also why he’s tempestuous and obnoxious and mis- 
guided so much of the time too. 

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