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Westside Music Festival offers diverse lineup 


Local By GARY S. ANGELO Squares perform under 
Shout Out pseudonyms and adopt 

CCAA alien personas. Abate is 
Bringing together artists Thuck Apton, guitarist Bill 
Theate Company — “Celena Coven: Eat Your Feelings,” 8 
rp.m. Friday and Saturday, $15. 330-507-2358. that normally wouldn’t Kowalcic is Dr. Rex Reezin 
play on the same bill is the and bassist Steve Manko, is 
HHHHidea behind the Westside Regulus Nine. The musi- 
Golden Pond,” 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sun-
Music Festival. cians wear matching 
day, $13 aduts and $10 for students and senior citizens. The first-time event is a clothe, and the music and 330-746-5455. 
joint venture between West- sfuturistic sound in the vein 
KKside Bowl and Paul Goon of Devo. 
AAve. NW, Champion: “Journey to Ohio,”7:30 p.m. Thursday, 
LTD, a concert production “Public Squares is more 
  Friday and Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday through June 23, $12company run by local hip forward thinking.  While 
adults, $10 non-Kent students and senior citizens, $6 children
ages 11 and younger and free for Kent students, faculty and hop artist Paul Kun. the music is true to the core 
“This group of artists sensibilities of rock and 
staff. 330-675-8887. 
and musicians won’t be roll, there are elements of 
seen at any other shows in the sound that could not be 
Regional Youngstown, or at least, achieved prior to alien 

they haven’t yet,” Kun said. intervention.  To most it 
“I will not be performing at would seem that rock ‘n’ 

AAthe Westside Music Festi- roll had been taken to the 
Sttraw Hat Theatr — “Carrie,” 7:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday, val. This is an opportunity end of its road, but the 
SeSunday and June 20-22, $15 adults, $13 students and senior
to use my scouting and human concept of all things 
citizens and $11 children 12 and younger in advance and $17,boking skillshaving a beginning and an 
$17 and $13 at the door. 440-964-3396 or ashtabulaartscen-together a great one-day fes- end is part of what impris- 
o on tival full of art, food, bowl- ons you. The songs on our 
BBing and most importantly, upcoming release ‘From Up 

burgh: “Grease,” 7:30 p.m. today, 8 p.m. Friday, 2 and 8” There’ will free you,” Abate 
Saturday and2 and 7 p.m. Sunday, $26.25-$81.25. The linup includes Pub said. and 412-456-6666. e-lic Squares, The Venus Fly- Frayle, a 
TTTTTTTTTTtraps, Mister, Snake doom/metal/dreampop act 

burgh: “Spamilton An Aerican Parody,” thCharmer, Jonathan Brown, from Cleveland also has Special Shout Ou  
:mrShow times are 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 2Frayle, Hodgie, A Moment new music in the works, an  FF raay yl l e , feea at tu u rin n g leea ad d s in nggeer r Gw wy yn n St tr r a ngg,, is s a mo o n g thhe e
and 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday, $31.25-$59.75. in Pompeii, SuitcsRun- album with the working 
aac c tss  th ha at t w il l  p er r fo or r m Sa at t u rd da a y a t t h e  We es st t s id de e Mu ussi i c
412-456-6666 or ae away, Oregon Space Trail title “1692.” FF e s tiv va a l.
of Doom and J Howell. Vocalist Gwyn Strang 
TTTTTCleveland post-punk act said, “We have been work- ICE HOUSE INN
grin Falls:“TheLaies Four- Pubic Squares will be the ing on it for almost a year If you go ... 
  dsome,” 8 p.m Friday and Sat- closing act. Vocalist/drum- now. Frayle has only been 
.uray and 2 p.m. Snday, $19 mer Brandon Abate said around since the spring of WWWFamily Friendly 
Venus FlytrapsMister, Sake Charmer, Jonthan Bron, 
duadultsand $15students and the band is finishing up the last year and we’re still 5516 W. Webb Rd, Austintown
  senior citizens. 440-247-8955. cinematic elements of their developing our sonic iden- , nawFrayle, Hodgie, A Moment i Pompeii, Suitcase Runaway, Ore- 
ngon Space Trail of Doom and J Howell. IceHouseInn 
CCCClatest release, “From Up tity. This can make the 
Square, 1519 Euclid Ave., There.” writing process go a little WWTuesday 
“The record is eight slow at times.  We’re trying 
Clevelad: “Dear Eva WWW       Bike Night
nnHansen,” through June 30. songs, intertwined with to push our ‘lullabies over 
Show times are 7:30 p.m. clips from the movie in chaos’ approach to music.” HODJ Fast 
Tuesday through Friday, 1:30 which the songs are a Frayle also includes 93.3FM 
7aturday andsoundtrack,” he said. Sean Bilovecky on guitar, 

and :30 p.m. S and 6:30 p.m. Sunday, $39- “However, the movie does Eric Mzik on bass, Pat Gin- interest in writing music. ences, Strang listens to acts at 
$159. not yet exist.  The single , ley on drums and Elliot He would listen to me such as King Woman, or ‘I’m On The Air ‘is the lead- Rose on rhythm guita. t
singing Portishead songs i Beastwars and White Ring, 
call 216-241-6000. off track to the record and nrStrang and Bilovecky, for- nthe bathtub at night. One while Bilovecky listens to BEACH SHACK
was released as a single in merly of the band Disen- 
PPday he called me into the Sleep, Crowbar, and a hand- Weekend Entertainment
W. Steels Corners Road, Cuya- order to appease the gage, originally formed studio and asked me to sing ful of European 
hoga Falls: “Man ofLaMan- humans.  It will be released Frayle as a duo. on a rough draft of what stoner/doom bands. Thursday 
80’s w/DJ Randall Martin 
 cha,” though June 29. Show on vinyl late in late sum- “Bilovecky and I have wuld bcome“We feel like we’re tak- 
rimes are 8 p.m. Tuesday mer most likely. We’ll set a been a couple for a few oe Portishead’s  ‘Wandering ing some chances on our Friday 
tthrough Saturday and 2p.m. Country w/DJ Sir-Nix-Alot 
date for a release show once years, and I bought him Star.’ We recorded four new material,” Strang said. 
 Sunday. 330-672-3884 or the pressing plant is able to Logic Pro X music software songs on our initial EP ‘The “Some of the new songs are Saturday 
give us a proper in-hands for Christmas a couple of White Witch’ and released breaking the mold of what Requests w/DJ Joey D 
date.” years ago,” he on Bandcamp.”  you would expect from a 
The members of Public sd think it re-sparked his As far as musical influ- doom band.” See Calendar, page B6 The Beach Shack 

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