Page 3 - Shout Out - September 14, 2017
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Shout Episcopal Mary 
Wick James 
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Dana same (Fox) 
ulty played 
two Wednesday Warhol, 
Youngstown. Institute 
The Art, d renowned artists, 
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horn anboth TT he e  a aq qu uaa ti nt t e et t c  hi in ng g  “I n t h e Op pe er ra a B Bo ox x  #3 3” ”  by y M ar r y C Ca as s -     
tor Chief 
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“Melencolia,” For 
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engraving American 
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Grammy offers 
and The Museum 
Kellaway ney hrouplay starting 
history, Butler, Admission o h
awash Impressionism Youngsis 
century to travel ntion, all 30
rhythms The 
“Konsertant ‘Muic atMadisn’ cabaret 
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Swedish es opresents songs of Billy Joel 
Christer eE. 

features a9am  
ment.  escan 

also hrefreshments may be purchased during show YOUNGSTOWN McCoy, Nanette Midgley the music of the “Piano 
Dana songs of Billy Joel will be and Patsy Sullivan will be Man.” 
hours. hr
bers eavailable. If you are a crafter or vendor the theme of the next backed by Jack Ciarniello The concert starts at 8 
Laura “Music at Madison” cabaret on keyboard, Dustin May p.m. Saturday with a 
contact Diana Bauman at (330) 856-6034  
Sarah concert at Dorian Books, on drums and Jason Volo- potluck dinner at 7 p.m. 
The ull for  802 Elm St., Youngstown var on bass for a show that Admission is $20. For tick- 
be Vocalists Rodd Coonce, will feature originals and ets or more information, 
oinformation about the show. 
Monday Colleen Chance, Jason other cover tunes as well as call 330-743-2665. 
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