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Artitexplores ‘Domestic 

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Shout Out the larger context of current 

societal issues like gun con- 
The work of Youngstown trol, suicide, class and pri- 

native Susan Copich will be vacy loss.” 
eatured in an exhibition “The Cupake

pening Tuesday at the Jew- cson “Domestic Bliss” and fea- 
sh Community Center. tures Copich as a modern 

“At the Height of Delight: housewife longs for escape 
mages from Domestic Bliss from an ennui bred of enti- 
nd Other Selected Works” tlement and

nclud image from her  According to Copich, the 
essDomestic Bliss” series, the character is both an empty 

hort film “The Cupcake” vortex and the compelling 
nd new works from her heroine in a morality play. 

then he forgot my name” Copich curretly lives 
series. nwith her husband and two 
In an artist statement on 
children in New York but 
her website, Copich continues to return to the 
describes the “Domestic 
Youngstown area regularly 
Bliss” series as, “Having to work on her artand
been a perfrmer (dancer /  time with family. The 

oactor) most of my life, I move The show runs through 
in front of the camera to July 10 at the Thomases 

stage fictitious, dark, domes- Family Endowment of the 
tic scenarios using my Youngsown Area Jwish 

daughters, husband and self teFederation Art Gallery at 
as actors. I work with the Jewish Community Cen- 
metaphor, irony and satire ter, 505 Gypsy Lane, 

to comment and create con- Youngstown. An opening 
versation on the timeless recptionis 5to 6:30 p.m. Special to Shout Ou 
““S Suu g ar r R Ru us s h”” is s  o ne e of f t he e imma ag g es s fr om m Su us sa an n Co op pi ic h’ ’s s  “D Do om me es st tic c B lis ss s ” se er rie es s t ha at t w w ill   be e s ho ow w n  at t t he e Je ew w i sh h Co omm-  
ubject of family / parent- e  Tuesday. For information, 
hood / relationships within call 330-746-3250, Ext. 195. m m un ni it y C enn t er r in n  Yo ou unn g st t ow w n. .

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