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Jr’s Pub 1722 Raccoon Rd., Austintown 330-953-1559 

Karaoke OpenStage  UNCLETD’THEGARY  80’SPROOF 
7p.m. 7-11p.m. 9p.m.-1a.m. 
6p.m.-KICKOFF 9p.m.-1a.m. 

Prlozzikeeps Paul Sion re-visiting 

msome musical old friends
e beat for Chesnutt 


 The Associated Press 

ShoutOut If you go ... Weeks from the end of his farewell concert tour, Pau

Simon has released a disc that feels like a valedictor
Afill-ingigturnedintoa WO:itself. 
The concept of “In the Blue Light” is intriguing, wit
full-timejobfordrummer sLewis Brice 
DarlaRaePerlozzi. WN:Simon re-recording and re-imagining 10 songs he orig
inally released between 1973 and 2011. None were hits
Forthelast21/2years, W:
the Sthey’re songs he felt were overlooked as oddities or tha
ta3147 state Route 44, Root- he didn’t get quite right the first time. While some o
backed up stown 
MarkChesnuttandwillbe this material was obscure for good reason, most of th
playingwithhimwhenhe HOW second looks reward listeners. 
 $advance and $30 day of 
performs The revisits speak to the musical adventurousnes
DustyArmadilloinRoot- the show that has marked Simon’s later years. Many of the orig
inals were at least grounded in 
stown. Review 
“Mark’s the folk-rock style he was pri- 
marily known for. Now Simon 
reallybad,andtheyaskedif moves beyond: Wynton Pal Smon,“In the 
Icouldfillin,”Perlozzisaid thisindustry.” Marsalis’ trumpet replaces ui Blue Light,” (Legacy) 

during a tChesnuttwasoneofthe the acoustic guitar on “How 
viewfromher most the Heart Approaches What it 
Yearns” and the 1970s electric If you go ... 
Nashville.“Afterthesecond artistsofth1990s,scoring 
gig, enumberonehitswithsuch piano gives way to Sullivan 
Fortner’s real thing on “Some WW
me. songs 
friendswiththedrummer, box,”“I’ll Special Folks’ Lives Roll Easy.” The WW
SS t ru ut t he er rs s  na at tivee Da ar rla a R a e  Pe er rlo o zz zi w ill  b be e  be eh hi in nd d t he e  d ruum m      jauntiness of “One Man’s Ceil- 
butit’sallgood. thing,”“ItSureIsMonday,” WW
friends.” “AlmostGodbye,”“IJust kki i t wh he en n M ar rk k C h e sn nu ut tt p e r fo or r ms s Fr rid da ay y at t th he e Du uss t y ing Is Another Man’s Floor” is rena, 
oWanted AA rmma ad di illo o in n R oo ot t s t o wnn. .smoothed into a loping, jazz AitAve., Pittsburgh 
gigwiththreedaysnotice “GonnaGetaLife,”“It’sa feel. With Dixieland jazz, HHHH
andnorehearsaltimewith LittleTooLate”and“IDon’t Spanish-style guitar and 
range from $47.25 to 
therestoftheband. WanttoMissaThing.” orchestral arrangements, the $152. 
“It “W gt yfromYoungstown or my Big &Rich’s music is worldly and complex. 
Simon rewrites some lyrics, some to subtly modern
wracking, ’mneenoldpeople, family album“Between 
lie everysingleword,”Perlozzi said.“Howintheworldam Hell ize. An iPhone is added to a scene originally writte
before the device’s invention, and the blues band tha
“Someofhisbandmembers said. Igoingtodothis?Ididn’t andplayedwithsuchartists 
havebeenwithhim20, Thebandhasbeenplay- know asDaryleSingletary, appears by the riverbank in a lyric on “Can’t Run But
years. ’veingmorethan100datesa scary.” FordColeyandLorrieMor- is replaced by a DJ. Most affecting is a rewritten con

ferent year, SincemovingtoMusic gan. clusion to 2000’s “Love,” which is both more specifi
yearsandalwaysadmired bulkof City, InadditiontoFriday’s and more universal than the original. 

Markandhisband.Ialways tinues member gig,Perlozziwilldoameet- The idea here is so interesting that you’d love to see
madeapointtowatchthem drums countryactCowboyCrush; and-greetwithfansat7p.m. other artists try it, if only to know the overlooked song
that have stuck with them. “In the Blue Light” is nei
when Nashville,whereshemoved backedTerryClarkfor today 
together.They’reoneofthe 24yearsago. performance Drafts,1393BoardmanCan- ther nostalgia nor a rescue mission. It’s a challengin
new work. 
best o“Ihadneverbeenaway Awards,co-wroteasongon fieldRoad,Boardman. 
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