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Pulitzer winner 
Tyler center plays

music of WWI 

drives into YSU 

Joseph N. Rubin’

Orchestra will perfor
“Over There: The Music o

Shout World War One” 2 p.m. Sun
eral dday at the Tyler Histor
Center, 325 W. Federal St.
The she Youngstown. 
ning Rather h
The concert will trans
to chronological port audiences on a musica
Youngstown has journey through popula
the music of the war years o
Directed by reflect he 1914-18 — “Over There,” “K-
Paula that 
K-K Katy,” “Smiles,” “Ho
warm, the Ya Gonna Keep ’em Dow
perceptive viewers 
on the Farm,” “Goodby
which profoundly Broadway, Hello France
named relationship and others. 

on her Tickets are $20 for
with ovher, Special reserved seating, $15 fo
forgive haps M Ma ass on n  E dm muu nd ds s, , le ef ft, is s Un nc c le e  P ec c k a an ndd R o s ie e Br r es ss s on n  po or r  tr ay y s  Li il’ B it in n  Yoou un ng g st t ow w n   
general admission, $10 fo
past pedophilic tSS t at t e U ni ve er r  si it  y ’s s  pr r od du ucc  ti onn of f “HHo o w I L Le eaa r need d t o Dr riv e .” MVHS members and $5 fo
It her 
veterans and active mili
sexual, may tary. Tickets are availabl
ship self-knowledge Niles, Tickets Tickets 
online a
her damaging yof Youngsand online www.mahoninghistory.or
Peck, rtion, las dents, and 
and by calling 330-743-2589.
through her aduncle’s “How guin C
and and Drive” wYSU 
mostly Cast 7:30 alumni. 

Vogel’s prRosie day admitted r
begins Mason through ID. 

the Poland, Hall’s Sadmission. 

Joki brings back ‘Girl’ for fundraiser 

Benefits Mikulich 
“I’m Not That Girl” was named 
Best Special Theatrical Event in 2009 

by the Youngstown Community The- sur 
ater Alliance. The show has been 

updated with new matri
Shout Out eAll proceeds will benefit the Jude 

Mikulich Surgery Fund.  
The Rust Belt Theater Company “The Rust Belt Theater has been an 
will present two benefit performances advocate for transgender individuals 

of “I’m Not That Girl” this weekend. sice its inception,” Joki sad. “Ris Special to Shout Out  
The musical revu features Runia-ing money for expensive, life-chang-  
RR u st t B  el l t T h e a t er r C o mp pa an ny y fo o u n d e r  
eBelt founder Robert Dennick Joki per- ing surgical procedures is a big part of RR ob be er r t D De en nn ni ic c k  Jo ok k i w ill pe er r fo or r m “I I’m m   
forming original and popular songs that. Jude has been working with us, 
NNo o t  T h a t Gi irl ”  t hii s w ee ek k en nd d t o ra a i se e   
traditionally performed by women in on and off stage, for several years now. 
a show that challenges gender norms. We are thrilled tohm mo on ne ey y f or r t he e  Ju ud de e M ik ul lic h Su u r g er r y
“I’m Not That Girl” will be staged FF un nd d. . 
Accord to Joki, “I’ve done the show  i
wice before, each time benefiting a at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the 
ifferent cause. I don’t get very many Calvin Center, 755 Mahoning Ave., 

hances to perform because my job is Youngstown. Tickets are $15 for 
o create performance opportunities “This is also an opportunity to adults and $10 for students and senior 
raise money for something I believe 
or others. I especially don’t get to per- citizens and can be reserved by calling 
orm much of my own material. in.” 330-507-2358. 

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