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CERAMI John Oates dives deep

LLa ar r g e  ce er ra am mi ic c w or rk k s w ill  be einto American roots 
ppa ar r t o of f  “B Blluur rrre ed d Li in ne es s,,”” a n

eex x hi i b it io on n by y  Ja ap pa an ne esse e

aar r t isst t Ju un n  Ka an ne ekkoo th ha at tBySCOReview 
oop pe en ns s  F rid d a y a at t t he e  A kr r o n
 The Associated Press 
AA r t  M us se eu um m, , 1  S. . Hiig g h S St t. ., 
John Oates, “Arkansas” 
AA kr r o n. . TT he e  sh ho ow w, , w hi i c hThe less celebrated half (Thirty Tigers) 
rr u n s  t h roou ug g h  J u n e 3,, a lsso oof the pop duo Hall & Oates 

ii n c lu ud de ess  d ra a wiinng g s, , pa aiinnt t-has tapped into a rich vein 
of American roots music Oates describes the
ii n g s an nd d  aa si itee- -s sp pe ec c ifi c
ii n st t al ll a ti o n of f hi is s 65 5- - fo oo ot t-on his latest offering, an result as “Dixieland
album that demonstrates dipped in bluegrass and
ll o ng g p pa ai i nt t in ng g “M Miir ra ag g e..” ” A n salted with Delta blues.
his seriousness about the 
oop pe en ni in ng g re ec c ep pt tio on n is s  sc c h ed d- -music-making craft. He smartly enlisted A-lis
uul l e d fr r om m 6  t o 9 p..m m. . F ri- No, “Arkansas” proba- Nashville players to help

dda ay y. .  F or r  mo or r e in nf fo or rmma at t ioon n, ,bly won’t let John Oates including mandolin wiz
live down a legacy in ard Sam Bush and gui
ggo o   to o akkr ro on na ar r tmmu us se eu um m. .o or rgg
oor r   c a l l 33 30 0- -3 37 766 - 911 85 5. .which the mere mention of tarist Guthrie Trapp
a song title can leave its Their playing on songs by
Special to Shout Out 
melody rattling around Jimmie Rodgers, Hurt
your head for hours. The Blind Blake and other leg
ends elevates them consid
duo, during its heyday, 
combined a string of erably, and the Oates orig
catchy-to-cloying singles inals mixed in are good
(“Private Eyes”) with soul- fits. 
ful ballads that held up bet- On one original, the

ter over time (“Sara title cut, Oates blend
Smile”). warm description of the

But Oates, a Philadel- delta landscape with a stir
phia native, has lately ring melody and gravel
ShoutOut been exploring earthier dust vocals. Despite the

sounds in and around occasional “delta dawn”
GreatLakesTheaterwillstagethe Nashville. His search led trope, he mostly write
him to “Arkansas,” a proj- what he sees. 
PlayhouseSquare’sHannaTheatre. ect that began as a tribute None of that makes him
to Mississippi John Hurt a native son. It does pro
best-selling and evolved into a deeper duce an honest record, one
exploration of traditional that proves Oates isn’t con
thescreenplayforthe1990filmver- themes. tent to rest on past glory. 


rash by 
Shake off those winter blues  Wilkes, 

&take a peep into Spring at starkreality. Wh
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