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Keifel reurn fr ‘Mr. Burns’ is bizarrely fascinating

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the O On nl l y i n A me er r i ca a , ” a ph ho o to o g -W W HA AT T: “Mr. Burns, a
my lels w
ter Dead,” branch rr ap ph h y ex x h i b iti on n o pe en nii nggW WH HEENN: 7:30 p.
 ha It’s hat In The SS u nd da a y a t  t he e  B ut t l er r I n stti-Sunday 
sider tal tructure inttu ut te e of f A me er r i ca a n Ar r  t .W W H ERRE E K
The the tures 
ing atre, 4314 Mahoning Ave. NW, Champion 
apocalypse from 
a Director themes HHO O W MU U CHH: : 
ting and ior citizens, $6 children 11 and younger, and free 
entertaining Tony  nartist i
taking Keifel’s for Kent students, faculty and staf  F
episode Leslie part tions or more infor 
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designer; Portait 
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“Cape Kathi rCharles S
remake designer; Jacob Glossonant, bizarrely 
Bob sound of the Museum 
son Boyle, album. it’s 
The second act tdesign The strong ber 
place seven years later, visually Brown, Simpsons” seems li
where The Garcia, prerequisite watching His 
entertains Rylie “Cape tured n u
has Special  o 
with Simpsons,” Janis-Larson, again a  ““S St t a n Le ee e ( Co o mii c B o okk  
“Cape design s Kovacic, ing Magazine, 
Icon, W Wr r i t e r, Ed dii t or r an nd d Pu ub b - 
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final act tepisode. impressive. appreciation White 
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years the direction Familiarity 
fragments for fire cal Keifel ii s  p pa ar r t of f t t he e e ex xh h i biiti o n  
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Washburn’s The Feare” me 
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Simpsons,” ful ob but he oan solat
weaving The scis it through reception r
culture etogether Homer ler, April 
work. sources, I doughnuts. Youngstown. more 
attend 743-1107. 
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