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Songwriter series

returns to city 
set for 

Sat. Shout Out 

Liberty native Bob DiP- 

iero comes home with some 
of his Nashville songwrit- 

Youngstown ing buddies for the fifth 
“American Made” Country 
Music Songwriter Series at 
Ford Family Recital Hall. 
Since moving to 
Nashville after graduating 
from Youngstown State 
adisplays talent 
University in 1978, DiPiero 
Photos special to Shout Out  has had more than 1,200 
YY ou un ng g s t ow w n na at tiv e  an nd d B r oaa dw w ay y pr r od du uc c er r Mi ic c ha ae el l J. M or r it z  Jr. w  ill  be e t he e  ac c c omm pa an ni i st t     
songs recorded by other Special to Shout Out 
By ffo or r t he e Y ou un ngg st t ow w n P la ay y ho ou us se e’ ’s s 2 20 01 18 8 Ga al la a  F unn dr ra aiis se er r onn Sa at t ur r da ayy. arists. He was inducted LLi b e rt y na at t ive e B ob b Di iP P i er ro  
Shout into the Nashville Song- 
tpp e r fo or r ms s  F rid da ay y a as s paa rt of  
writers Hall of Fame in 2007 t he  t   “A A me er c an  M ad 
and has written or co-writ- tefifhrinde”
Youngstown PlCC o u n tr y Mu us si i c So o n g  w  riter
perations YY ou un ngg st t ow w n P la ay y - ten 15 No. 1 country hits for 
acClellan If you go ... such artists as Vince Gill SSe er r i es s..
hh o u se e Op p er r a ti o n s 
nd  a a n a g e r Ja amme e s (“Worlds Apart”), Reba 
undraising WWMcEntire (“Little Rock” Montgomery. She co-pro
MMM M c C l  el lla an n,, rig ht t, w il l   duced Lady Antebellum’
ay Fundraiser and “Till You Love Me”), 
ter. bb e  j oi i ne ed d by y hi is s si b- -  WWFaith Hill (“Take Me As I debut album and won 
lli ng g s, , E ri c  M c C l ellla an n  Am”)CMA Award for Single o
McClellan day 
inging aa n d Ja an ne ee en n Wi il l i am ms s, , SClear Sky”) and Tim the year for “I Run to You.”
WWMcGraw (“Southern Photoglo’s songs have
ric ffo or r  a c o n c e rt SSa at t u r-house, 600 Playhouse 
illiams. dda ay y. .Lane, Youngstown. Voice”). been recorded by Brooks
“They For Friday’s concert, Hill, Patty Loveless and
reat DiPiero will be joned by Tanya Tucker, and he
ever cce olyiGary Burr, Victoria Shaw penned number one hits fo
rne formance and pre-oncer  the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
layhouse Moritz trical cpar  and Jim Photoglo. They 
irst for to YSU will perform the songs (“Fishin’ in the Dark”) and
be ordered y callingthe Alabama (“Hometow
ese iJohn Cthe b Playhouse box of they’ve written and share 
n nd matter McClellan 330-788-8739. the stoies behind thm. Honeymoon”). 
reBurr is a three-time The concert starts at 7:30
to feel behind 
because  they  do Songwriter of the Year win- p.m. Friday at Ford Family
them.” “I oofundraiser ner and a 2005 inductee into Recital Hall at the DeYor

The and house and the NSAI Songwriter’s Hall Performing Arts Center
ynied you “We’ve said hof Fame. His songs260 W. Federal St.
Youngstown. Tickets range
Jr., a said. We  smaller some song been recorded by such 
who oudates  thought sung country artists as McEn- from $25 to $75 and ar
tire, Oak Ridge Boys, available at the DeYor bo
tor odonating nice to hwell a 
productions which s evening wierary McGraw and Billy Ray office, online at
 to Cyrus as well as such rock www.youngstownsympho
ering panache, gram. 
been and house fo“We and pop acts as Ringo Starr, and by calling 330
Broadway h In programming,” Kelly Clarkson, Christina 744-0264. The $75 VIP ticket
rial h
the Tribune The house, Aguilera and Ricky Martin. includes a post-concert
le month, Mwith  heavy, He’s written and toured meet & greet. 
All proceeds will hel
oaorganized esuper p.m. that with Caole
file Jim vre, house,” r member of the Blue Sky fund services provided by
Riders with Kenny Log- COMPASS Family & Com
recordings, amyfamily, simusic The 
duced friends with announce gins. munity Services and the
Shaw has written hits expansion of its Sojourner
Broadway Community heaThe onat 
LuPone, Playhouse p.m. passes for Garth Brooks, Eric House Domestic Violence
and my ife of event. Church and John Michael Program. 

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