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Thomas brings solo tour to Youngstown amp

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5516 W. Webb Rd, Austintownfaceless ban
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Proceeds to Benefi t ‘Idon’twanttogetolder’or ha have Starting butheisn’tignoringMatch- really 
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Beach Shack Employee people, and“3A.M.”fromits1996 onceinyourlifebeapartof 
Dre Jones 

Drewasinamotorcycle YSU Wind Ensembl ensemble in a program featuing ater if there is rain. bers are invited to attend the first 

accident n Rt 80 on July eplays outdoor concert r“Strike Up the Bad,” “76 Trom- chorus meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 9 at 
o16. $10 of nbones,” “Variations on a Shaker OWR seeks ‘Macbeth’ Stambaugh Auditorium, 1000 Fifth 
eassistthefamily and 
Melody,” “Someone to Watch Over chorus members Ave., Youngstown. Rehearsals will 
medical costs. The Youngstown State Univer- Me,” “Melodius Thunk,” selections 
ChineseAuction ity Wind Ensemble will play a free be at 7 p.m. Mondays until tech 
50/50 Raffl e utdoor concert at 7 p.m. Wednes- from the musical “West SidOpera Western Reserve is seek- week, Nov. 10 to 15, and the opera 
eand “Stars and Stripes Forever.” 
Sign Ups10AM - Calcutta 12PM ay at the Harrison Common field Patrons may bring a lawn chair ing chorus members for its upcom- will be staged Nov. 15. 
 10% of Calcutta goes to Dre ear campus. ing production of Giuseppe Verdi’s For more information, contact 
and snacks to enjoy this summer- 
5/4Race&A/A+ one on the wire Conductor Stephen L. Gage and time classic. No alcohol is permit- operatic adaptation of Shake- Lynn Sabeh by emailing 
raduate conductors Ryan Dutton speare’s “Macbeth.” 
The Beach Shack ted at this concert. The concert will 
nd Daniel Sager will lead the be moved to Bliss Hall’s Ford The- New and returning chorus mem- or calling 330-480-0693.
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