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YSU Summer fest features arts, music, organ crawl

By ANDY GRAY of the acts include YSU fac- 
Shout Out ulty or alumni. WW

The Festival of Nations tival of the Arts 
Youngstown State Uni- will showcase some of the 
versity’s Summer Festival different ethnic groups that 
of the Arts puts the Mahon- have settled in the area p.m. Saturday and 
ing Valley’s cultural talent with ethnic clubs and 
11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
on full display. churches providing memo- 
Lri A. Factor, director rabilia, performances and Sunday 

oof community engagement food. WW
and events at YSU, said 25 One of the festival’s 
State University 
arts and cultural groups most popular attractions is 
will be set up at the event, the juried artists market- grounds 

which runs Satuday and place, which will feature 
rSunday on the grounds of more than 80 local, regional HHHH
and national artists selling 
YSU. sion is free.
“I think organizations original, hand-crafted 
see this is the type of audi- pieces such as jewelry, 

ENTERTAINMENT e that i their udi- paintings, sketches, sculp- Special to Shout Out
encsaence,” she said. “Having tures, glass, wood and tex- M Mo or re e th ha a n 80 0  a rtis st ts s wiill  b b e  se e t  u p  o n thhe e  g roou un nd ds s of f Y o u n g st t o wnn S taat te e Un ni i veer rssi it y for 
the opportunity to have a tiles. Factor credited the tth he e Su um mmmeer r  F e s tiva all off th he e Ar r t s . 
captive audience they can jurors with assembling a 
give their upcoming sea- good mix of artists. 
10a.m. — Pan Tropix (Kilcaw- 4 p.m. — Harding Poetry Club Nations); “One Wold,One Sk“Summer Skywtch” (Ward sns to, give a quick“We don’t want to be the 
formance of vignette, they YSU Summer Festival of 
 ley Center Amphitheater) (hestnut Room, Kilcwley r Big Bird’s Advnture” (Ward aBeecher Planetarium) o 
11 .m. — Youngstown Music CaCenter); The Beck-Ward Project eBeecher Planetarium) see that as really positive,” Jewelry or the Summer 
3 p.m. — Moustache Yourself she said. “In the arts, you Festival of Woodwork,” she 
aTeachers’ Student Recital (Kilcawley Centr Amphith- 1 and 2 p.m. — Storyteller W. (Kilcawley Center Amphithe- 
(hestnut Room, Kilcawley eeater);Caitlin Hedge, fiddle,and Rick Schilling: “Davy Crockett atr); LatinX & Hispanic Stu- have to do a lot of things said. “They do a good job of 
  Dve Lynn, guiar (Festival of hings that are costkeeping a balance.” 
CCentr); onjunto Riquen (Kil- Saves the World” (Chestnut edent Organization (Festivalof 
eCacawley Center Aphitheater); atNations); “Firstand Farthest” Room, Kilcawley Center)  Nations); “One World, One Sky:t tive and get you a lot of While the festival offers 
mYoungstown Community Con-  (Ward Beecher Planetarium) bang for your buck, and a full slate of activities and 
1 p.m. — JD Eicher (Kilcwly ig Bird’s Advnture” (Ward 
cert Band (Festival of Nations) aeenter Ampitheatr); Rachel BeBeecher Planetarium) this gets them a lot of bang entertainment during the 
Noon — Ballt Western for their buck.” day, it also is held in con- 
SSCheClemete, harp(Festival of 4 p.m. — “First and FWhilebarjunction with a variety of 
eReserve (Chstnut Room, Kil- n Nations); “Firstand Farthest” ar(Ward Beecher Planetarium) 
ecawley Cntr); Labra Brothers 11 a.m. — County Mayo (Kil-  rfamiliar offering in many other Youngstown events, 
cawley Center Amphitheater)  (Ward Beecher Planetarium) cities, this year the festival including the St. Nicholas 
ee(KilcawleyCenter Amphithe- 2 p.m. — Del Sinchak (Festival ICE HOUSE INN
 ater); PanTropix (Festival of Non — Rust Belt Theater will have a pipe organ Greek Orthodox Church 
Nations); “One WooCompany (ChestnutRoom,Kil- of Nations); Louis Zona on “Art crawl, organized with the Summer Fest and two con- SPORTS BAR & GRILL
 ad he Presidents” (Buler 
reig Bird’s Advnture” (Ward   cwley Center); lion dance and American Guild of Organ- certs at the Youngstown Family Friendly 
BeBeecher Planetarium) atai-chi / kung-fu (Festival of nttInstitute of American Art); ists. At 1 p.m. Saturday, Foundation Amphitheatre 
5516 W. Webb Rd, Austintown
1 p.m. — Eri Heights Brass participants will walk to — Youngstown Wine and 
Enseble(Festival of Nations); three nearby venues — Jazz with NormanIceHouseInn 
e on Saturday and 2Deep 
m A Tim to Danceballroom YSU’s Bliss Recital Hall, St. Tuesday 
e dance exhibition (Butler Ini- John’s Episcopal Church Entertainment Gospel Fes- 
and St. Columba Cathedral tival with James Fortune        Bike Night
sttuteof Amrican A
 erand Farthest”— where they will enjoy a on Sunday. DJ Fast 
 Planetarium) short organ concert and “I find itFreddie 
2 p.. —MillnnialTheatre learn about the history of  thcommunity that the 
the instrument. churches, YSU, the Mahon- 
m e Company (Chestnut Room,Kil- at 
 ); Radio Lark (Kil- “That’s something dif- ing Valley Convention & 
cawley Centercawley CenterAmphitheater); ferent you don’t find at Visitors Bureau, the City of the 
Yungstown all partner 
 Pines of Time (Fstival of every festival,” Factor said. BEACH SHACK
eNations); A Time to Dance ball- Multiple stages will offer otogether along with JAC 
room dance exhibition (Butler a wide variety of entertain- Management to have this Weekend Entertainment

Institute of AmericanArt); ment, ranging from acts entire weekend,” Factor Thursday 
 “Summer Skywtch” (Ward that have played the event said. “I feel that we are very 80’s w/DJ Randall Martin 

aBeecher Planetarium) for years, like County Mayo luckyFriday 
3 p.m. — Youngstown Connec- and JD Eicher, to first-time  eatiotic relationship that Country w/DJ Sir-Nix-Alot Special to Shout Out  
TTh he e  s teee ell dr r u m ba an nd d Pa an n  Tr r o p ix —   f r om m le e ft, Br ri a nn ne e  
tion (Festival of Nations); “One performers like the steel allows us not be competi- Saturday a ammsso on n , D a n Da an ncch h an nd d Niic c k Sa ammssoon n —  wiill p e r fo or r m   
World, On Sky: Big Bird’s drum band Pan Tropix and tive with each other and 
the gypsy jazz of Moustache market all the events Requests w/DJ Joey D SSSSa at tu ur r da ay y at t Y ou un nggs st to ow wn n S ta a te e Un niiv ve er rs si ity’ss S u m me er r Fe es s- -
eAdvenue” (
trPlanetarium) ourself. Factor said many together.” The Beach Shack ttiv va al l o o f th h e Ar r ts s. .

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